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In the late 1970’s a small welding shop opened up in the back (North end) of Prescott Valley, AZ.  It was named ’47’ Welding.  This was at a time when most of the roads were still dirt and Robert Road was the only through road from Hwy 69 to Hwy 89-A.

Harry Friesen started the shop in a 1500 sq ft part of a building on what was then Robert Road.  Harry was, and still is, a man with a heart for people and a great concern for their eternal destiny.  But after meeting his family’s financial needs through the shop for about 15 years Harry was ready for a change.  So he began the process of selling the welding shop so he could see where God would take him next.

About that time the Boling Family from Oregon City, OR (Brent and Sue and their five children) came to AZ on a family vacation.  Brent’s folks were wintering in the Tucson area and Sue’s parents and some other family members had taken up residence in Prescott.  The usual sightseeing trips were taken to Old Tucson (Before it burned down), Sedona, Indian Ruins, Grand Canyon, and more.

After the flurry of the vacation, Brent and Sue returned to their home on the Boling Family farm in Oregon.  All the normal everyday activities were resumed and life went on.

But, shortly after our return home, family members in Prescott started calling with information about a welding shop that was for sale.  After a year of saying ‘no’, we completed an interesting cycle of events in our lives in Oregon.  One day in late June of 1996, upon arriving home from work, I told Sue “I feel like God is done with us here.”

Two days later we got another call from Sue’s brother Dave, “That welding shop is still for sale and they just dropped the price 50%.”  He and his wife, Cheryl, were on their way up to Oregon for some time with family up there.

Upon their arrival we got together and talked about several things concerning the shop.  I left work early the next day and with a long July 4th weekend the four of us drove straight through to Prescott.  With Dave and Cheryl to show us around, we looked the area over in relation to the work and business opportunities, took a look at the shop, and talked to Harry.

We left for home having told Harry that if God was in this it would happen soon but that several things had to come together:

  1. We needed renters for our home on the family farm who were compatible with our family there;

  2. We needed money to buy out Harry that we could get with very uncertain security (job change, location change, small business);

  3. We needed a couple pieces of equipment not currently at the shop;

  4. We needed assurance the landlord would carry on a lease on the property for a welding shop;

  5. We needed to be able to keep the shop name for a year during transition so that there were not too many things changing that would effect business; and

  6. We wanted Harry to make himself available for consulting for at least one month to show us his business procedures.

By August 1st, 1996 everything was in place and I was in Prescott Valley running the shop.

We felt ‘God Was In It’!!

In November of 1996 we decided the 1500 sq ft shop was too small for our operation.  At the same time the rear bay (2000 sq ft and an extra overhead door) came available in the same building we were in.  The first week of December we moved in.

Even with the move time we did as much business in the last 5 months of 1996 as the shop had been doing in an entire year.

Our second son, Trent, started working with me three days per week.  But Trent was still in High School (Home Schooled) and needed time to finish his studies.  We talked our oldest son, Darrell, into leaving his job and coming to work at the shop.  Since he wanted to take some college classes and Trent needed to finish school, we rotated days off for their respective studies.

Soon after this arrangement we also started rotating my wife, Sue, and our daughter, Pamela, in the office to do books, answer phones, and thus take some of the load off us guys so we could get more work done.

In 1998 we incorporated the shop and got a lot of other things straightened out to provide all the needed paperwork that makes working for contractors easier.

In 1999 I took the tests to get a couple of contractors’ licenses through the AZ Registrar of Contractors.

Darrell is still with us as my shop foreman and a CWI working alongside me in the inspections aspect of our business.  He has taken several missions trips around the US, Romania, and Zambia (Africa).

The shop has grew to a 3500 sq ft business that kept the whole family busy and provided for.  In 2007 the business volume was 10 times what it was when we bought it in 1996.

In 2008, we got Darrell certified in several different codes, processes, and positions.  We also totally re-certified my papers and added a couple.  Then in June, I spent much time studying, going to a seminar and taking the test to become an American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector (AWS CWI).  I passed.  Now we have to see how best to use this new qualification.  In 2010 I added AWS bolting certification.

Next we added ICC Welding and Bolting Certs and followed them with the City of LA Deputy Inspector certification.  We also got Darrell certified to AWS/CWI and ICC Welding and Bolting.  

We have also been working youngest son Luke into the inspections business while training him, Darrell, and I in UT, MT, and other forms of NDT.

Three of the kids are now married with kids of their own.  Scattered family across the US makes vacations a bit of a priority when new grandkids are born and have special events in their lives.

They are what the end result of our jobs is all about: Safety of a finished product of high quality standards to ensure the public safety while allowing all parties involved to make money on the project with pride in the work they did.