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Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Do you do 'arc' welding?

   A:  Yes, since any form of welding that utilizes an electric arc is in the classification of  'arc' welding.

   Clarification:  Arc welding is the general classification of many sub-classes of welding. Among them are processes commonly known as MIG, TIG, Innershield or gasless,  Dual-shield, stick, submerged-arc, and many more.

2)  Do you do 'Heli-arc' welding?

   A:  Yes.

  Clarification:  'Heli-arc' is a manufacturers name for their equipment that performs the TIG (properly classified GTAW) process.  We use TIG to weld aluminum, stainless, brass, regular carbon steel, and more.

3)  Do you do wire welding?

   A:  Yes.  We do several different wire welding processes.  Among them are MIG (GMAW), Innershield (FCAW), and Dual-shield (FCAW).

4)  Are you certified?

   A:  Yes.  In MIG, TIG, and Stick; all position structural welding.  Also, some Pipe.

  Clarification:  There are many different welding codes for all the different welding processes pertaining to many different applications (pipe, structural, bridge, pressure vessels, equipment, etc.).  Some of them overlap and some of them do not.Being certified as a structural stick welder does not qualify you to do stick welding on pipe.

5)  Do you do 'wrought iron' ?

   A: Yes, and no.

  Clarification: True wrought iron is what a blacksmith does.  If you want to know if we build custom handrail, the answer is YES.